Free anti-virus technology for Amazon EC2

AVG announced free anti-virus technology for Amazon EC2 users. The preconfigured software bundled within an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is now available on the Amazon Web Services Community AMIs list, free for everyone to download and use.

AVG’s AMI consists of a hardened Debian Linux operating system with AVG’s pre-configured anti-virus technology which can be launched, ready for use, as rapidly as any other instance on Amazon EC2.

Many Amazon EC2 users are website owners and this technology is designed for those websites which enable user generated content to be submitted. AVG’s malware protection focuses on cleaning submitted files from viruses. The service is also ideal for companies using EC2 to perform a wide range of online activities involving files storage, supplier or partner communications.

The relevant AMIs are ready to deploy and can be found in the Amazon directory under:

  • us-east: ami-94758dfd
  • us-west: ami-7d4c1e38
  • eu-west: ami-7818290c
  • ap-southeast: ami-d0750d82
  • ap-northeast: ami-8e309a8f.

For instructions on how to setup the EC2 environment and run AVG download the user-guide.

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