Anonymous leaks new batch of government and company data

Anonymous has made available for download another batch of data, including those belonging to the Zimbabwean government, Mosman Municipal Council, Universal Music Group Partners (’s usernames/passwords and other data), Viacom (internal mapping of Viacom and its servers) and Brazillian Government (dumps and passwords).

“The introductory #AntiSec release (dubbed AntiSec-001) does not contain the type of data that a typical Lulz Lizard can just abuse mindlessly,” said the group in the press release tied with the dump. “Instead, we provide material that is primarily against corrupt Governments (in our world this is all Governments) and corrupt companies.”

They also say that the mission of Operation AntiSec has become more than just “for the lulz”.

“It is our true belief that this movement has the capability to change the world. And should that fail, we will at least rock the world,” they said, and hinted at future releases of stolen data.

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