Week in review: Washington Post Jobs site and Fox News Politics Twitter account breached

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, reviews and articles:

Breached Fox News Politics Twitter account announces Obama’s death
A person or a group going by the name of TheScriptKiddies managed to hack @foxnewspolitics on Twitter and used it to announce fake death of President Barack Obama.

Cisco Firewalls
There used to be a time when firewalls were considered a full proof solution for protecting networks, and that time is long gone. History has taught us there are no silver bullets when it comes to computer and information security, but firewalls are still a great and versatile tool in the hands of those who know how to use them effectively. “Cisco Firewalls” will tell you how.

Security precautions for mobile business applications
Mobile applications have become one of the hottest trends, but this has come at a price. The sharp rise in popularity means businesses are rushing their apps to the market, while security has taken a back seat. At the source of the issue is the failure for developers and businesses to remember security is not a feature; it is a process.

Highlights of recent phishing attacks
GFI Software announced the top 10 most prevalent malware threats for June 2011.

The future of identity verification through keystroke dynamics
When someone mentions biometrics, the first (and sometimes the only) thing that comes to mind to many people are physical characteristics on the basis of which people can be unequivocally differentiated and identified: DNA, finger and palm prints, iris shape, and more. All in all, characteristics that people don’t have control over. But as useful for verification and identification as these characteristics are in the real world, the online one is another matter.

What’s your online reputation?
A new survey found that an almost equal number of respondents claim no negative information exists about them on the Internet while the other half has no idea if damaging info exists and doesn’t keep tabs on their online reputation.

The Washington Post Jobs site breached
The Washington Post Jobs web site was breached and roughly 1.27 million user IDs and e-mail addresses were impacted by the hack.

Security threats: Unwrapping 2011
2011 has been a busy year so far for cyber criminals. No one can say IT security incidents went under reported, they have certainly been prominent in the headlines.


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