Is WordPress next in line for silent updates?

Silent software updates are still a topic of contention in the security world, but the successful implementation of the process by Google for its Chrome browser has definitely proved that it’s an option worth thinking about and has blazed a trail for other companies to follow.

Mozilla has thought about it and implemented it for Firefox, and Adobe has admitted it’s thinking about using silent updating for their Reader. Now there’s talk that the WordPress developers might be the next to phase it in.

According to WPCandy, WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg has hinted at the possibility that the next version (3.3) including an update of the uploader in order to pave the way for a silent update model mimicking that of Chrome.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and publishing platforms in the world, but it’s plagued by vulnerabilities and by the fact that many users and administrators don’t keep it up to date.

A silent update process could resolve a lot of problems for them and for the developers, but should also contain the option for shutting it off since it might come in conflict with the plug-ins and themes that make WordPress so popular.

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