Facebook scammers use Tumblr sites to evade detection

Facebook users are targeted once again by survey scammers, and this time the lure is a video of a woman exposing herself on live television:

There are two versions of the scam. In one, when the user clicks on the play button on the destination page, his click is hijacked and used to “like” the page. In the other, the user is asked to confirm that he is an adult by clicking on the “Jaa” button which actually shares the link with his friends.

“To ensure that this scam continues, the scammers are using Tumblr sites to redirect users to the same Fake YouTube page,” explains researcher Satnam Narang. “By redirecting users via Tumblr, the scammers can evade Facebook filters as well as stay off the radar of Facebook’s recent Web of Trust integration.”

Other than that, this scam ends on a familiar note – the user is encouraged to fill out surveys in order to get a gift.

Since Facebook still seems to have trouble spotting these types of scams, Narang suggests users to aid the security team by reporting this post if they spot it on their friends’ Walls.

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