LinkedIn mimics Facebook, introduces questionable on-by-default feature

Facebook’s regular introduction of on-by-default features often creates quite a stir when first introduced.

The majority of Facebook users isn’t aware of – or can’t be bothered with thinking about – the repercussions that their lack of interest in the matter of privacy on social networks might result in the future, and that’s what makes Facebook keep up with this approach.

We might be used to it from Facebook, but when it comes from a “professional” social network like LinkedIn, it does surprise us a bit. Point in question: the social network’s new Social Advertising feature.

According to Steve Woodruff, LinkedIn has changed its Privacy Policy a couple of months ago and among the changes is the SA feature, which is “on” by default.

In short, it allows LinkedIn to pair your name and/or picture to its advertisers’ ads. So, if you don’t want to be seen as de facto endorsing those products and services, you are required by LinkedIn to say so explicitly.

To do that, you should open your LinkedIn Settings, select the “Account” tab, click on the “Manage Social Advertising” option, de-select the box that will pop up containing the aforementioned explanation, and click “Save”.

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