Integrated content-aware SIEM and firewall

NitroSecurity and Palo Alto Networks have integrated content-aware SIEM and next-generation firewall technology into a complete enterprise security solution designed to simplify compliance reporting, threat detection, real-time incident response and forensic investigations.

Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls capture user and application context, providing increased control of applications and prevention of advanced threats. NitroView SIEM augments these capabilities with full content- and network session-awareness, and time-adjustable baseline and trend analysis.

By storing information generated by Palo Alto Networks’ firewalls, NitroView empowers enterprises with the ability to analyze activity patterns and identify anomalies, attacks and insider threats.

NitroView enables organizations to perform granular searches and correlate security events in real-time for the purposes of threat detection, incident response and forensics.

It provides full content awareness for broad visibility, helping organizations establish situational awareness across enterprise, government and critical infrastructure networks.

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