Personal information of BART police officers published by hackers

Following the disruption of cell phone service by the operators of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) that foiled a planned protest regarding the death of a man shot by the BART police, Anonymous organized another protest that went off without a hitch.

This time, the cell phone service remained accessible, perhaps because this move by BART officials has been criticized by a number of digital rights advocacy group and made the FCC start an investigation into the matter.

In the meantime, several BART websites have been hit and taken down. First, Anonymous broke into its marketing website (, accessed a database containing information about its subscribers and posted some of it online.

Next to go down was the BART Police Officers Association’s website and the exfiltration and publication of personal information of some 100 police officers that patrol the subway, but this time Anonymous seemingly didn’t take the credit:

Understandably upset, Jesse Sekhon – the president of the union – has stated that they will be asking the FBI to step in and investigate the attack.

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