Facebook releases official Security Guide

Tired of having to explain to friends and family about the dangers lurking on Facebook? The social network has released an official Guide to Facebook Security, so share the link with them.

The short – 14 pages in all – guide, written by former Senior Director of Internet Safety at Symantec Linda McCarthy, security research engineer at Purdue University Keith Watson and teacher and editor Denise Weldon-Siviy, offers tips on:

  • Protecting your Facebook account
  • Avoiding the scammers (very helpful examples of the most popular Facebook scams)
  • Using advanced security settings (one-time passwords, secure browsing, singel sign-on, social authentication, etc.)
  • Recovering a hacked Facebook account
  • Stopping imposters.

Written in a manner understandable to anyone and everyone, it should be a required read for everybody who begins using the social network and for many old users who are ignorant of the fact that they need protection.

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