Facebook hacker released on bail

The extent of the attacks mounted by 25-year-old British student Glenn Steven Mangham against Facebook’s servers has been revealed as the Westminster magistrates’ court heard the case against him on Thursday.

The youngster was arrested back in June by the Metropolitan Police’s Central e-Crime Unit, and is facing five charges related to computer hacking.

He stands accused of having repeatedly hacked into a Facebook server used by its programmers to test their skills and of trying to break into the social network’s “mailman” and “Phabricator” servers.

To do that, he allegedly used software downloaded from the Internet. Also, one of the charges laid against him is that he “made, adapted, supplied or offered to supply” a script that would allow anyone to hack into the Phabricator server.

The attack was aimed against Facebook, not its users, so no user data was compromised. The reason behind the attacks was not shared by Mangham, who didn’t enter a plea at this time, reports The Telegraph.

Mangham was released on bail, on condition that he doesn’t use any device capable of connecting to the Internet until the committal hearing, which is scheduled for next month.

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