Cloud security platform for LAMP stack

Gazzang announced ezNcrypt 2.0, its data security platform, now expanded to provide transparent data encryption (TDE) for the entire LAMP stack, including any data, logs or files created or managed by any Linux application or service such as Apache, Alfresco, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

This latest release also includes soon to be released packaged support for PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and Drizzle databases, as well as MySQL, and is available in two versions: ezNcrypt for Databases and ezNcrypt Flex.

ezNcrypt 2.0 leverages a state of the art Key Storage System (KSS) that provides dual authentication and high availability, and ensures that encryption keys are never stored on the same server as the data to be encrypted.

Gazzang’s KSS is supported by Symetric Keys that include certificates, fingerprints, one-time passwords and other advanced techniques that provide secure and controlled access to sensitive data.

ezNcrypt for Databases, available for $49.99 per month, encrypts databases and files “in place” and requires no coding, no modifications to applications, and no database schema changes.

ezNcrypt Flex, starting at $999 per year, is a flexible platform used to protect, encrypt, and provide key management for any application or service running on Linux. In addition to benefits listed above, ezNcrypt Flex customers can create simple, custom rules that map applications and executables to transparently encrypted files, and provide controlled access to the keys for those files.

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