Linux Foundation suffers security breach

Some two weeks after the discovery of the compromise of the website and several servers in its infrastructure comes the news that the and sites have been temporarily rendered unavailable.

Both websites are sporting a message from the Linux Foundation saying that the sites and their subdomains are down for maintenance due to a security breach that was discovered on September 8, 2011 and is believed to be connected to the intrusion on

The administrators are currently reinstalling the systems and the Foundation is advising users to consider the passwords and SSH keys they used on these sites compromised, and to immediately change them if they used them on other sites.

“The Linux Foundation infrastructure houses a variety of services and programs including, Open Printing, Linux Mark, Linux Foundation events and others, but does not include the Linux kernel or its code repositories,” the massage says.

An audit of the systems is currently under way, and the two websites are still unavailable. The website is still down, as well.

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