Leaked psychological profile of Anonymous leaders is a fake

The FBI has confirmed that the recently “leaked” psychological profile of Anonymous/Lulzsec leaders supposedly compiled by the Bureau is fake, and likely a prank perpetrated by those very people or some other members of the group.

The report surfaced last month and painted:

  • “Sabu” as an American male with “amoral tendencies”, a narcissist and nihilist who sees himself as a martyr
  • “Kayla” as a “possibly bisexual” younger american male with a likely drug problem and a tendency towards violent behavior in the real world
  • “Topiary” as “youthfully idealistic”, “socially inept” 18-year old from England likely suffering from Asperger’s sundrome
  • “Tflow” as “pseudo-intellectual”, money driven criminal
  • “JoePie91” and a well-educated young European male, technically capable but amoral.

But even though a lot of effort went into the compilation of such a document, and some mainstream media took it at face value, there are many who suspected it to be a fake from the very start – mainly because of the many grammatical and spelling errors and the sensational tone.

According to ThreatPost, it is still unknown who is the real author, and whether the document was compiled as a prank or as a serious attempt to sidetrack law enforcement agencies.

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