Cisco security solutions for urban environments

Cisco announced a series of safety and security innovations powered by a Medianet architecture.

Together these innovations support the evolution of Cisco’s strategy towards a solutions-oriented services-led approach that will enable Cisco customers and large security integrators to build highly scalable network-based security systems that better protect people, property and critical infrastructure.

As part of Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities initiative, Cisco is also introducing new communications interoperability solutions and enhancements. Real-time communication is critical in times of emergency.

Currently in many cases, firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians and public safety professionals communicate on different radio frequencies and with different systems, creating barriers to providing a coordinated and efficient response during crises.

Enhancements to Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 6.3.2

Cisco introduced a new high density Physical Security Storage Series platform with the ability to manage video recording of up to 120 terabytes of storage, and 60 disks in only 4RU of rack space, and up to 240 terabytes, and 120 disks in only 8U of rack space.

Video Surveillance Manager also now supports third party cameras with extended edge storage; this approach extends the value of VSM 6.3.2 to the edge of the network to intelligently manage offload. Working closely with VideoIQ, the leader and pioneer in distributed storage surveillance solutions, Cisco will be integrating VideoIQ’s iCVR-HD High Definition line of cameras, including their onboard storage, into Cisco’s Video Surveillance Manager.

Cisco today demonstrated ONVIF 2.0 streaming video integrated with Cisco Video Surveillance Manager. For customers with third party IP camera deployments, this capability aims to help protect existing investments and maximizes their choice of deployable cameras.

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