Tips for safe online shopping

Avira recommends that consumers watch for a few things in order to not become a victim of the online fraudsters:

1. Always check that the connection to the online store where the payment is done is secured. This can be observed first if the URL is starting with “https” and second if a small lock is present in the top right corner of the browser in the URL field (in Chrome) or the name of the website is written in a colored rectangle(in Firefox, IE).

2. If the web browser gives any warnings about the security certificate of the website, then do not proceed to purchase anything from that website.

3. If you don’t know the website you plan to buy from, always check its reputation. Search for other users who are commenting about that website. Searching for “ reputation” usually gives good and relevant results.

4. Give your financial details like credit card data only if the website is properly secured and its reputation is good.

5. Try to choose payment methods which don’t require payment upfront. If PayPal is an option, choose that whenever possible. Otherwise, if you’ve ensured the safety of the website you’re on and you feel good about its reputation, then pay with a credit card.

6. Always double check your bank accounts to make sure the amount you spent is the amount that was charged. If there is a discrepancy, contact the website where you made the purchase.

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