XenServer 6 released

Citrix Systems released XenServer 6. As a key component of the Citrix cloud computing and virtualisation strategy, XenServer 6 brings new optimizations and improved scalability and performance for cloud infrastructure, desktop virtualisation and networking.

As the industry progresses into the cloud era, new cloud services are emerging that demand platforms that are purpose-built for cloud computing with requirements that are significantly different from the traditional enterprise data centres of today.

These platforms need to be designed from the ground up to deliver multi-tier, multi-tenant services in the simplest and most cost-effective way, using virtualization as a key enabler. Rather than attempting to force-fit cloud capabilities into existing server virtualization architectures, XenServer addresses these challenges by delivering a highly-resilient, cloud-optimized and easily customised virtual platform that helps cloud providers produce differentiated solutions that meet the needs of their customers.

In addition, by leveraging XenServer 6 with the recently-released Citrix CloudStack, users can be assured the core component of their cloud infrastructure has the network and virtualization optimizations necessary for the same scale-out architectures employed by the world’s largest and most successful cloud providers today.

Since its inception, XenServer has employed a simple licensing model that does not place artificial limitations on breadth of use or impose cost increases as customers utilise higher density servers with more CPUs and memory for virtual workloads. As a result, users can preserve existing virtualization investments while continuing to grow their virtual infrastructure.

VMware customers can break free from the escalating cost model recently imposed with VMware’s new vSphere 5 licensing plan (often referred to as the “vTax”).

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