Large-scale spam campaign uses compromised webmail accounts and WordPress sites

A spam campaign currently under way has been spotted coming from several thousand compromised Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail email accounts and taking advantage of compromised WordPress-powered websites.

The emails carry no subject line and no text in the message, just a link to a page on the compromised sites – the scammers are obviously counting on the targets’ curiosity to kick it.

The compromised WordPress sites are not the final destination – just a stop in a redirection that will ultimately take the users to a page touting male enhancement drugs, says Commtouch.

While waiting to be redirected, the targets are faced with this message:

You are here because one of your friends have
invited you to try our free trial.
Hurry up! Limited quantity available!
We try to be helpful for you.
Page loading, please wait-¦.

Such simplistic campaigns always make me wonder just how many users fall for the bait, but I suppose even careful users might consider following the offered link if the email seems to be coming from a contact/friend.

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