How to conduct an internal audit according to ISO 27001 and BS 25999-2

The key purpose of an internal audit is for an organization to find out if all the processes and activities are running as they are expected.

An nternal audit is usually perceived as an overhead with no real benefit. However, if approached from a more positive side, the internal audit could be one of the main drivers of improvement in your organization.

To achieve the best benefits, the internal audit should be done continually, but at least once a year before the certification audit.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • ISO 27001/BS 25999-2 requirements for internal audit How can ISO 19011 help you
  • The purpose of internal audit
  • Differences between internal audit and external audit How to structure the procedure for internal audit
  • Requirements to become internal auditor
  • Definition of nonconformity, when to raise major or minor nonconformity
  • How to develop the Audit Program and Audit Plan
  • How to perform documentation review
  • How to develop audit checklist
  • How to perform an on-site audit.
  • How to write an audit report and follow-up

This live online training includes the following workshops:

  • Developing an internal audit checklist
  • Conducting an on-site audit
  • Filling in the Corrective Action Form / Recommendation for improvement.

About the training

This highly interactive live online training is designed to enable you to walk away with important skills for conducting the internal audit in your organization. It contains 3 workshops where filling in the real ISMS/BCMS documents is practiced.

The course offers compelling content, downloadable materials and live engagement with an expert consultant with whom you can discuss how to resolve your specific implementation issues. The course includes documentation templates, access to e-learning tutorials and private time with the trainer for consultation on specific issues. You will experience the training right from your desk, eliminating travel costs and minimizing lost time away from your office.

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