Encrypt and protect virtual machine images

HighCloud Security unveiled VM-Centric Security, a solution to encrypt and protect virtual machine (VM) images and the data they contain throughout their lifecycle.

The solution addresses large security gaps in the cloud and the virtualized data center by providing a single platform that protects all enterprise VMs and the data they contain as they are created, transmitted, replicated, suspended, stored, and ultimately decommissioned.

HighCloud Security’s approach to protecting the VM image is the first policy-driven encryption solution tailored to address risks unique to the virtualized data center and IaaS private, public, and hybrid clouds.

The HighCloud Security model enforces security policies that travel with the VM – securing the entire operating environment, including memory files, copies, snapshots, templates, and the sensitive data they contain.

HighCloud Security combines this with a centralized key and policy management model that eliminates key management concerns and ensures VMs are consistently protected. Through automatic key rotation, secure and centralized key management, and encryption throughout the VM lifecycle, HighCloud VM-Centric Security provides strong functionality to comply with regulations such as PCI DSS, HITECH/HIPAA, and state data protection laws.

HighCloud VM-Centric Security currently supports VMware vSphere is available in free and enterprise versions. The Free version is available in beta for download and protects up to five virtual machines. HighCloud Security’s Enterprise Version is generally available and provides extended management features – including high availability and clustering, additional VM protection licensing as well as live support. Additional virtualization platform support will be added soon.

“Security and compliance barriers are hindering enterprises from realizing the ultimate benefits of virtualization and cloud computing,” said Bill Hackenberger, president and CEO of HighCloud Security. “Our solution not only reduces enterprise data security risks, but enables cost-saving cloud and virtualization to be extended to security-sensitive and mission-critical applications. Our downloadable free version extends these benefits to any organization and any virtualization project no matter how small. “

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