IT Operations Analyzer gets expanded monitoring capabilities

Hitachi announced a new version of its IT Operations Analyzer, an integrated availability and performance monitoring tool that can help reduce complexity, streamline operations, and increase IT staff efficiency in heterogeneous and virtualized data center environments.

The software provides essential capabilities to efficiently and cost-effectively monitor the availability and performance of heterogeneous physical and virtual server stacks, applications, network and storage devices on a single screen.

New features include:

Change monitoring: Tracks configuration changes across the entire infrastructure and displays changes for a specified time range in the tool’s topology view. By monitoring changes to the infrastructure such as adding or removing hardware and software, or making configuration changes to network and storage devices, IT managers can significantly reduce the mean time to diagnose problems when troubleshooting.

Change monitoring combined with root cause analysis can rapidly identify problems caused by changes to the infrastructure.

Scheduled monitoring: Allows IT administrators to set two different threshold levels. For example, they may set one threshold for monitoring during regular business hours and another threshold level for off-peak hours. This prevents unnecessary alerts from being sent.

Application monitoring: In addition to its integrated server, network and storage monitoring capabilities, Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer now monitors applications, including Microsoft® Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server—all from a single interface.

Event forwarding: Enables IT Operations Analyzer to collaborate with other tools (such as CMDB and IT Help Desk).

Third party reporting capability extended: IT Operations Analyzer access for third-party reporting tools now includes ODBC connections for use with applications like Excel.


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