Hardware-based enterprise key management platform

Escalating threats, expanding regulatory requirements, and the movement to cloud-based and virtualized infrastructures are driving the need for a more unified approach to management for multi-vendor environments, as well as shared environments and those that are managed by other organizations, like cloud service providers.

SafeNet announced KeySecure, a high-assurance, KMIP standards-based Enterprise Key Management (EKM) solution. It enables organizations to centrally protect, manage, and control data, keys, and policies across a wide range of heterogeneous enterprise systems using a pre-configured and easy-to-install hardware appliance.

KeySecure is based on the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP 1.0), a protocol for the communication between enterprise key management systems and encryption systems. Through KMIP standards-based platforms, organizations can simplify key management, ensure regulatory compliance.

The solution provides enterprise key lifecycle management, and enables centralized management of millions of encryption keys and policies through a hardware-based platform, covering heterogeneous data types across the enterprise, from the data center to virtualized public and private environments.

“As the use of encryption grows and various solutions are deployed, key management becomes exponentially critical and complex,” said Vic Wheatman, vice president, Gartner Research. “Mismanagement of keys can expose an organization to unnecessary risk.”


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