Teach children about online protection

In an effort to facilitate effective parent-child dialogue about Internet dangers, Trend Micro developed an eGuide with tips to help families have “The Talk” about online safety.

Trend Micro created this eGuide recognizing that there are social and educational benefits for children online, but also many significant risks that families must be aware of and discuss, including unwanted contact with predators and bullies; extreme and inappropriate content; identity theft; and malicious software threats.

Children are increasingly active on computers, and exposed to personal safety and financial risks as a result, but research indicates that parents are not necessarily taking steps to shield their children from dangers online. According to a recent survey commissioned by global Internet security leader Trend Micro, 83% of parents reported strong concerns about what their children are exposed to online, but only 30% of parents reported visiting their child’s social media profiles.

The eGuide offers parents specific actions and discussion tips that can help keep their children safe online, including:

  • Utilize reputable security software with parental controls and privacy features that block children’s access to inappropriate websites and defend against contact from bullies and sexual predators.
  • Prepare for an informed discussion by reviewing Trend Micro’s glossary of key terms and Common Sense Media’s site with age-appropriate websites.
  • Select the most conservative privacy settings (typically “private”) for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use the latest web browsers and anti-spam products and security software. The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) encourages computer users to ‘Keep a clean machine.’

The free eGuide is available here.

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