The future of cybersecurity in cars

As technology evolves at a seemingly breakneck speed, we must be aware of the fact that the environments in which we find ourselves every day – environments that have in the past been computer-free zones – increasingly include computerized systems. One of those environments is our car.

The fact that the vast majority of modern vehicles contain multiple computers that regulate crucial things within the car is unknown to many, and the idea that those computers can be infected and manipulated by malicious individuals is something that still occurs only to security experts and those involved in the automotive industry.

In this podcast recorded at SecurityByte 2011, U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit’s CTO John Bumgarner talks about the obvious computer and physical security problems that will surely arise with the advent of malware targeting on-board computers, and the need for doing something about it before they start happening en masse.

Listen to the podcast here.

John Bumgarner is the CTO of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit (US-CCU). He is a former U.S Marine and U.S. Army Special Operations soldier. During his eighteen-year career, he conducted a wide range of military and intelligence missions throughout the world.

In his civilian career, he holds several private sector certifications include CISSP, GIAC (Gold), and duel Masters degrees in Information Systems Management and Security Management. In Bumgarner’s work as a security researcher, he has discovered many widely discussed cyber vulnerabilities, uncovered many previously undetected cyber attacks, and invented several important new cyber-attack techniques.

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