38,000 emails from U.S. special agent leaked by Anonymous

Law enforcement officers and white hats working for the government or for private companies contracted by the government are among the favorite targets of hacking collective Anonymous, and the latest one to be targeted was Fred Baclagan, a Special Agent Supervisor of the CA Department of Justice in charge of computer crime investigations.

According to a Pastebin post, the group got their hands on and are leaking “over 38,000 private emails which contain detailed computer forensics techniques, investigation protocols as well as highly embarrassing personal information.” Also, among the revealed information is the agent’s home address and phone numbers.

They claim to have hacked into and hijacked two of his Gmail accounts, accessed several dozen
voicemails and SMS text message logs, his Google web history, listened to private voicemails and used his Google voice account to notify his friends and family of “how hard he was owned.”

“Possibly the most interesting content in his emails are the IACIS.com internal email list archives (2005-2011) which detail the methods and tactics cybercrime units use to gather electronic evidence, conduct investigations and make arrests,” said the group, and invited anyone who has ever been arrested for computer crimes to check the archives for discussions about their case.

“There are discussions about using EnCase forensic software, attempts to crack TrueCrypt encrypted drives, sniffing wireless traffic in mobile surveillance vehicles, how to best prepare search warrants and subpoenas, and a whole lot of clueless people asking questions on how to use basic software like FTP.”

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