AT&T notifies users of failed “organized” attack

A failed attempt at accessing and stealing AT&T customer information has been made public as some of its users received an official email from the company notifying them of the fact.

“We recently detected an organized and systematic attempt to obtain information on a number of AT&T customer accounts, including yours,” it said in the email. “We do not believe that the perpetrators of this attack obtained access to your online account or any of the information contained in that account.”

According to Venture Beat, the company spokesman Mark Siegel explained that the attackers have attempted to use “auto script” technology and tried to make a connection between AT&T telephone numbers and users’ online accounts, with the purpose of stealing the information contained in them.

“We do not know the intent, but we are concerned they may attempt to deceive our customers by sending them unsolicited texts or emails claiming to be from AT&T and requesting sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers or passwords,” Siegel said.

He also confirmed that online accounts of less than 1 percent of the company’s wireless customers were targeted, and that the investigation in the matter continues.

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