Manage and protect IP spaces

Ipswitch released IP Address Manager (IPAM). With the ability to automate the discovery of IP spaces, IP Address Manager saves time and eliminates human-errors associated with updating home-grown databases or spread sheets.

Key features include:

  • The ability to discover your IP space quickly, centrally and without human error; identify free and in-use IP addresses
  • Know IP address utilisation; locate duplicate IP addresses
  • Categorize discovered devices automatically
  • Find an IP address using its hostname, status, or MAC address.

  • “One of the most valuable resources an IT administrator has is time,” stated Ennio Carboni, President of Ipswitch Network Management Division. “The new IPAM solution by WhatsUp Gold streamlines processes, eliminates human errors, and saves IT administrators time. It will improve efficiencies and reduce overall IT management costs.”

    IPAM will be available as of now and starts at £1197, with a one year service agreement included.

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