Norwich Airport database breached

A hacker that goes by the handle “Kahuna” has apparently broken into the systems of the Norwich Airport and has harvested and leaked personal information contained in their job applications’ database.

Names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of over 2,000 individuals who have applied for a job at the airport, as well as the names, usernames and passwords of the administrators of the website were leaked on Pastebin on Thursday, accompanied by a message to the UK Government: “Your sites that should be the most secure are still just as flawed as all the rest. If you think that there is any info that we cannot obtain you are incorrect. The people can get everything, and this goes to show. NOTHING is protected from prying eyes. Continue to allow the Occupy Protestors to demonstrate peacefully.”

Eduard Kovacs says he has contacted the hacker, who explained that he was reading about a vulnerability that affected a site software and that he found out that the airport site was affected.

“I realized that they would most likely consider fixing it as soon as possible if I released all the info, so I dropped it on Pastebin and sent out a tweet,” he concluded.

The airport has yet to comment on the news.

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