Patch management integration with Nessus

Tenable Network Security announced that Nessus and SecurityCenter now integrate with top patch management solutions.: Red Hat Network Satellite Server, Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and VMware Go.

The integration bridges the gap between vulnerability management and patch management solutions – providing broader vulnerability assessments, helping eliminate the possibility of false positive reports of missing patches, and saving time and reducing costs through streamlined reporting, stronger security, and improved compliance.

Tight integration allows Tenable solutions to quickly and reliably retrieve patch status from market-leading patch management systems. This capability delivers:

  • Automated unified patch status reports, incorporating both the results of Nessus credentialed scans and data from patch management systems – leveraging Tenable’s familiar and trusted reporting format, significantly streamlining audits.
  • Patch status information for hosts where appropriate system credentials are unavailable or there is limited networking capability – expanding the scope of vulnerability assessment to additional systems.
  • Permits special handling of backported patches in systems like Red Hat. Backported patches are code updates from current software releases applied retroactively to older, deployed software to prevent exploit. The practice can lead to inaccurate reports of vulnerabilities.
  • Flexible scanning policies can avoid scanning sensitive systems..
  • Identification of hosts not being managed by patching systems, helping to avoid exploits from fast-spreading attacks.
  • Correlation with log, event, and threat and exploit intelligence – helping prioritize responses and ensuring the most critical issues are addressed first.
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