Security-hardened key management

Thales announced keyAuthority 3.0, combining high availability and hardened security to deliver a field-proven high assurance key manager.

keyAuthority enables organizations to manage their ever-increasing number of encryption keys with confidence that they will not become lost, stolen or unavailable. This simplifies data loss prevention, accelerates regulatory compliance and facilitates auditing of security controls.

keyAuthority is a key management solution that consolidates and automates the management of encryption keys across multiple classes of encryption devices. The high availability appliance together with automated key replication gives controlled and continuous access to keys, ensuring that business continuity and data recoverability requirements are met.

The attack-resistant, hardened security ensures that sensitive key data is protected from compromise. Centralized key lifecycle management unifies and automates administration of multiple classes of encryption devices, and scalability of up to 25 million keys and thousands of managed devices enables organizations to confidently deploy a consistent global solution.

The appliance supports a standards-based approach as well as legacy interoperability with data storage products and encryption devices.

“As a pioneer in storage encryption, IBM provides an integrated layer of hardware storage security that helps organizations meet the stringent internal and external privacy compliance mandates that require strong protection of stored data,” says Marc van Zadelhoff, VP Strategy and Product Management, IBM Security Systems.

KeyAuthority, previously known as Thales Encryption Manager for Storage (TEMS), was originally launched in 2008 and is designed to meet FIPS 140-2 Level 3 – the most widely adopted security benchmark for tamper-resistant cryptographic solutions in government and commercial enterprises.

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