Latest spam campaigns delivering the Zbot Trojan

For a while now, fake messages and warnings from USPS, FedEx and DHL about supposedly undelivered packages have been hitting inboxes, and users have been getting wiser about the danger lurking behind the offered links and attachments.

Trying to mix it up and catch the users unawares, Zbot peddlers have put a break on the aforementioned campaigns and have rolled out new ones, with emails offering prepared bills, business meeting notes and payment confirmations:

“While still employing familiar elements (for example, filenames of ‘$malware.pdf.exe’ that rely on the default Windows configuration that hides extensions for known file types), these messages are representative of the modern approach to malware delivery: Target the recipient with emails designed to provoke curiosity,” explain McAfee researchers.

Despite spam filter and dedicated security solutions employed, spam emails do occasionally land into users’ inboxes, so the best thing to do is to always be a little suspicious of every unsolicited email you get.

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