Compliance data service from software piracy experts

To accelerate the identification of companies using unlicensed software, V.i. Labs announced a data service to automatically match license infringement records to a named business entity, enabling independent software vendors (ISVs) to address the unlicensed use of their applications.

“As we surpass the identification of more than $2 billion in software misuse, it’s critical that we match this growth with new data services to quickly identify the non-compliant businesses,” said Victor DeMarines, vice president of Products for V.i. Labs. “The V.i. Labs Data Service offers a scalable and unique approach to automate the task of matching infringement data to actual businesses and simplify the revenue recovery process for ISVs.”

V.i. Labs pioneered the concept of software intelligence with its CodeArmor product line. With V.i. Labs’ solution, software vendors are able to identify thousands of organizations overusing or pirating applications.

Vendors need to know who is misusing their software in order to recover license revenue. Simplifying the matching of incoming infringement data with its respective business entity is key to streamlining the recovery process for vendors.

The V.i. Labs Data Service (VDS) accelerates the process for customers by automatically matching license infringement records with non-compliant organizations. VDS combines business information from, Whois domain registries, IP geo-location databases and federated organizational databases of non-compliant organizations from current V.i. Labs deployments to identify infringing organizations’ names and addresses.

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