Anonymous hacks Sony website and Facebook account

Anonymous hackers have again targeted Sony over its support of the contentious SOPA (Stop Online Piracy) bill, and have compromised both the Sony Pictures website, its database and the company’s Facebook page.

Softpedia reports that to prove the “hit”, they posted a number of videos showing them updating the Facebook page and the Sony Pictures Mobile dashboard, which was later removed.

It’s interesting to note that one of the hackers who allegedly participated in the attack had his own Twitter account hijacked by a hacker. “I don’t know why the hacker hacked me. I think he did it for the lulz,” commented the Sony hacker.

He also said that he was able to hack Sony because the administration panel for the site was not encrypted, and the servers were vulnerable.

In the meantime, Anonymous Belgium has hit the website of giant steel producing company Arcelor-Mittal, ostensibly because the company promised a few years ago that one of its factories in Belgium will not be closed and its workers let go, and then reneging on that promise.

If their claims are to believed, the hack was executed by exploiting a number of XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities. Among the information exfiltrated from the site’s database and made public are login credentials for its users.

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