Splunk Enterprise 4.3 released

Splunk Enterprise, a software for collecting, indexing and harnessing machine data, reached version 4.3.

“All kinds of companies are using Splunk to harness the value in their machine data. With their needs in mind, we’ve made Splunk 4.3 more powerful and usable for any situation and on any device,” said Erik Swan, Splunk CTO and co-founder.

New features in Splunk 4.3 include:

A more powerful user interface

  • Availability on non-Flash-enabled mobile devices
  • Being easier for business users: Users no longer have to edit XML to edit dashboards
  • Ability to access real-time and historical analysis in a single step
  • Accessing vital granular trend data at-a-glance via sparklines.

Speed and scale

  • Up to 10X faster “needle in a haystack” search
  • Up to 10X more concurrent users on same deployment.

Easier manageability

  • Ability to preview new data sources before indexing
  • Expanded controls for operational monitoring
  • Easier alignment to complex enterprise security policies.

“Splunk is at the forefront of helping organizations harness their big data,” said Rachel Chalmers, research director of infrastructure management at The 451 Group. “Splunk 4.3 is an exciting, logical and evolutionary step that embraces mobility and increased ease of use. Splunk 4.3 is especially important for business users, with dashboards that provide insights – integrating real-time and historical data for analysis, and which are easy for business users to personalize on the fly.”

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