Scammy “Pink Facebook” offer

You might be bored with Facebook’s standard blue look and ask yourself why the social network doesn’t allow for a change of color, but please don’t make the mistake of falling for the offers – supposedly endorsed by your friends – for turning your Facebook pink, red or black.

You might think this would be a fun experiment, but you will only be asked to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t and, in the end, not receive the wanted option.

Each of the pages linked wants you to share it, write a nice comment about it, and complete a survey:

“That’s not to say, of course, that it’s impossible to turn your Facebook pink, red or black if you really want to. For instance, there are number of GreaseMonkey scripts which will work alongside the Firefox web browser to customise the look of Facebook – just as the look of eBay or Gmail can be similarly changed on the fly if you choose,” points out Graham Cluley, and warns that people who have fallen for this survey scam should scan their profiles for “shared” and “liked” content they don’t want to endorse.

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