Secure web gateway protection from Sophos

Virtualization has helped organizations reduce capital and operating costs, while driving greater levels of application availability. It has also yielded benefits in flexibility, agility and control.

However, even as virtualization has helped reduce the number of physical servers, the number of virtual servers continues to rise, resulting in increased complexity and server personnel management costs.

Sophos announced the availability of Sophos Virtual Web Appliances providing web protection, a streamlined management experience and deployment flexibility in virtual environments.

Sophos Managed Appliances include remote monitoring and automated maintenance at no additional charge. This approach combines the benefits of virtualization and on-premise control with the cost savings of a managed service, reducing overhead and complexity.

The solution also streamlines the provisioning and management processes with pre-configured performance profiles, built-in load balancing and an intuitive management console. Users can manage several virtual appliances within a single console, increasing performance and capacity while reducing management time and complexity.

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