Astaro brings UTM to the cloud

Astaro announced the availability of version 8.3 of the Astaro Security Gateway (ASG). With the ability to launch the ASG in the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud and connect to the Amazon VPC using local Astaro installation with the new VPC Connector, the new version extends Astaro’s UTM capabilities into the cloud.

Astaro’s compatibility with Amazon’s VPC via official Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) allows users to easily run their own cloud UTM in minutes. Also new is a dedicated connector for Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud.

Amazon’s VPC service allows users to easily host and run server infrastructure in a secure, scalable cloud, and the new connector gives organizations a permanent connection to their VPC resources right from the Astaro Security Gateway.

The introduction of BGP4 routing brings advanced routing capabilities for enterprises and carriers. Rounding out the full suite of routing tools already present in the Astaro Security Gateway, BGP4 allows the Astaro Security Gateway to support more deployment scenarios and handle complex routing environments of enterprise installations.

“Astaro and Sophos continue to invest in our flagship product, the Astaro Security Gateway,” said Jan Hichert, senior vice president & general manager, Network Security, Sophos. “The extension into the Amazon cloud environments through the Amazon EC2 and VPC are in response to our customers’ growing need for cloud security solutions and a reflection of how we are leading the industry in UTM development. Also coming in the next few months is version 9 of the Astaro Security Gateway which will further integrate Astaro and Sophos technologies.”

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