Advanced malware protection with Sourcefire FireAMP

Sourcefire introduced FireAMP advanced malware protection, a malware discovery and analysis solution that analyzes and blocks malware by utilizing big data analytics.

Designed for large enterprises, FireAMP delivers unprecedented visibility and the control needed to block threats missed by other security layers.

“Test results consistently show that the endpoint protection platforms (EPPs) currently available still do not protect endpoints against mass-propagated consumer threats — and their performance is even more dismal when faced with handcrafted targeted attacks,” said Neil MacDonald, vice president and fellow, and Peter Firstbrook, research director, at Gartner.1 “Moreover, the dwell time of targeted threats can be measured in months or even years, in some instances. Gartner currently estimates that 4% to 7% of enterprise endpoints are infected at any given time, and that the next scheduled scan will catch only 1% of threats.”

With the launch of FireAMP, Sourcefire has five new capabilities that amplify an organization’s defenses against advanced malware:

FireCLOUD – Cloud-based infrastructure encompassing a number of advanced detection capabilities that leverage big data analytics to identify and score threats missed by other security layers.

File trajectory – Tracks file movement within the enterprise, allowing organizations to identify the entry point and propagation path of malware.

File analysis – Provides detailed information on malware behavior backed by the elite Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) and the company’s collective security intelligence.

Outbreak control – Customer-defined detections that immediately block malware without requiring an update from your security vendor.

Cloud recall – Continuous in-the-cloud analysis of historical file activity to discover and remediate threats that were previously missed.

FireAMP uses a lightweight agent to communicate with a cloud-based analysis engine and only leverages metadata for evaluation, requiring less storage, computation and memory than other security products. This minimizes system impact and allows it to coexist with and supplement existing security layers without sacrificing performance or manageability.

FireAMP offers powerful reporting that delivers visibility into the state of malware in an environment. These reports detail high-risk computers; threat root cause, showing applications that are introducing malware; and advanced persistent threats, listing advanced malware that could be unique to a customer’s environment. FireAMP also includes comparative reporting, so that users can evaluate activities within their environment in the context of their overall organization or the larger, global installed base of FireAMP customers.


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