Hacker allegedly leaks 100K Facebook account credentials of Arab users

The slew of hacks, leaks of credit card information, DDoS attacks and defacements executed by Arab and Israeli hackers that transferred part of the longstanding, real world conflict to the Internet has been continued by the an Israeli hacker that goes by the handle “Hannibal”.

In the last few days, Hannibal has made public, in four installments, a list of what he says are 100,000 Facebook credentials belonging to Arab users. He also claims to have “about 30 million email accounts, 10 million bank accounts, 4 million credit cards of Arabs from all over the world.”

Whether his claims are to believed or not, he seems to try to say that he will leak the allegedly stolen data if Arab hackers choose to continue this “cyber war”.

According to The H Security, an analysis of the leaked login credentials revealed that its number has been grossly exaggerated, and that the actual number is only several thousand. Facebook has also confirmed that only a third of the credentials leaked in one of the batches were valid and that they are resetting compromised accounts as their credentials are made public.

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