Netop updates remote support and management solution

Netop unveiled the latest version of its remote support product, Netop Remote Control 11.

Now with a new secure tunnel option, customers can extend their support and management capabilities by redirecting specific application ports through a secure connection and govern remote application access from a central location.

The tunnel is ideally suited for environments where a traditional desktop is either not used or not available, such as Linux servers, point-of-sales systems, medical equipment and other embedded devices.

Discussing the launch, Kurt Bager, CEO, Netop said: “This release is part of our commitment to ensure that customers receive remote access solutions that excel in the enterprise environment. IT managers are constantly telling us that security is their top concern and that they need a high-performance remote management solution to ensure their networks and data are protected.”

“Remote Control 11 enables users to quickly and securely manage a target machine or device without the overhead of transmitting a traditional desktop. We believe these enhancements will prove particularly relevant to the embedded market and add value to organisations who need to comply with industry regulatory standards such as PCI and HIPAA,” he added.

In addition, Netop Remote Control 11 extends its use within the enterprise by introducing support for OpenSUSE Linux and further strengthens its multi-factor security features by providing authentication against RADIUS environments.


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