Windows privilege management with enterprise reporting capabilities

Avecto has unveiled the latest version of its Privilege Guard technology, developed to enable organizations to give all users the privileges they need to remain productive without impacting the security posture of systems and networks.

Privilege Guard 3.0 now combines application elevation, application control, end user messaging and a complete auditing and reporting framework for all your Windows based systems.

It introduces two new optional add-on packs, which provide enterprise reporting capabilities based on Microsoft SQL Server and integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO).

The Enterprise Reporting Pack is built on Windows Event Forwarding and SQL Server, and includes a rich set of preconfigured dashboards and reports for elevated, executed, discovered and blocked applications. The dashboards and reports all utilize SQL Reporting Services, which allows secure access to the reports from a web browser.

McAfee ePO enables customers to connect security solutions to their enterprise infrastructure to increase visibility, gain efficiencies, and strengthen protection. The Avecto Privilege Guard ePO Integration Pack includes elevated, executed, discovered and blocked applications. Additionally, deployment times can be reduced and implementation simplified by deploying the Privilege Guard Client directly from ePO.

“Working with our global customer base, we’ve made Privilege Guard 3.0 even more intuitive to configure, with full search capabilities, summary views and a new message designer,” explains Mark Austin, Avecto’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “As you explore beyond the obvious visual enhancements, you’ll find a host of new features. There’s a new delegated user capability, which caters for help desk staff and over-the-shoulder departmental administration. We’ve also extended the application validation rules and included the ability for users to unlock shared workstations, ensuring Privilege Guard continues to be the most powerful and flexible privilege management solution on the market today.”

“With Windows enterprise privilege management serving as the company’s point of departure, Avecto has developed a distinctive approach that encompasses tools to iteratively improve the efficiency of IT administrative operations as well as engineer a balance in policy management between autonomy and centralization”, comments Steve Coplan, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security Practice, 451 Research. “Avecto’s release of Privilege Guard 3.0 reinforces the set of capabilities available to deliver a policy-enablement framework for managing user privileges through the operations and policy management lifecycle – from gathering user requirements, deploying and enforcing policy, enabling user feedback as well as a complete auditing and reporting capability”.

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