Faronics Anti-Virus 3.0 released

Faronics Anti-Virus 3.0 includes Process Protection to defend against attacks at the application level, as well as an IDS that has the ability to write rules for zero day threats and deploy the policies across all workstations.

Faronics Anti-Virus 3.0 offers a coordinated, layered approach to security as it combines conventional technologies such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and firewall into a single solution. This simplifies the provision of a coordinated, pre-emptive response to advanced malware.

As the threat from social networking and Flash-based websites increases, the addition of Process Protection ensues that users do not fall victim to unknown applications attempting to inject malicious code into other programs.

IT administrators are able to configure how applications interact with other applications, setting policies as to what can be opened and what should be blocked.

Faronics has also added web filtering to block certain types of information – including unwanted third-party advertising, JavaScripts, ActiveX and filter cookies – from displaying in a web browser. Web filtering settings then allow administrators to set policies as to what can and cannot be viewed when browsing the Internet.

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