Storage migration without host and application downtime

Hitachi introduced a nondisruptive migration service capability that migrates from Hitachi enterprise storage to Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) and eliminates host and application downtime.

Nondisruptive migration by Hitachi allows organizations to reduce risk, eliminate business disruption, and manage migration processes across multivendor storage systems.

Hitachi VSP helps organisations build scalability with virtualised server environments and pave the way for cloud deployments. The core technology of nondisruptive migration is a new feature of Hitachi VSP, built on the foundation of near-instantaneous failover and recovery capabilities of Hitachi clustering.

For organizations seeking a greater return on their enterprise IT assets, Hitachi Global Services migration consultants leverage nondisruptive migration to conduct technology refreshes to Hitachi VSP in a matter of days.

It jumps ahead of other migration approaches:

  • Enables host transparent migration with no performance impact, ensuring minimum downtime and maximum business continuity
  • Eliminates host path management dependencies through its support of native multipath I/O and third party multipathing products that support standard industry failover
  • Supports host clustering configurations by synchronising persistent group reserves on source volumes and keeping the host cluster operational
  • Reduces staging effort with automated configuration transfer, greatly lowering data migration risk and effort
  • Supports parallel migration of up to eight source systems to one Hitachi VSP.
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