Imation secures mobile data, identity and workspaces

Imation announced its unified Secure Data, Identity and Mobile Workspace product set, which brings together a combination of encrypted USB storage devices and media, encryption and encryption key management, authentication technology, device and policy management software, and mobile workspace solutions.

“With more employees working outside of the office, organizations are looking for ways to capture the benefits of the mobile workforce, while at the same time empowering and securing mobile workers,” said Lawrence Reusing, Imation’s general manager of Mobile Security. “As a company with decades of experience storing and protecting government and enterprise data, Imation’s focus is to secure the mobile workforce. Imation’s mobile security solution set gives organizations the ability to protect sensitive information and corporate data in a way that provides flexibility and ease of use for both the organization and mobile worker.”

The Imation security offerings include:

Secure Mobile Data – Data encryption, authentication and data leakage protection technology gives users secure and convenient access to their data. Solutions include Imation secure USB flash drives powered by IronKey, Imation encrypted USB flash drives and external hard drives, and on-premise and cloud-based device and policy management solutions.

Secure Mobile Identity – Strong user and network authentication technology allows users to both securely access network resources and communicate with each other, wherever they are. Solutions include Imation identity management suite.

Secure Mobile Workspace – Imation’s portable computing solution for booting and running the Windows 7 operating system and applications from secure USB flash and hard drive devices. Data encryption, strong user authentication and application technology gives users a secure and familiar corporate computing environment at work or on their own devices. Solutions include Secure Workspace Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard Edition for government agencies and enterprises.

Organizations have widely varying workforces, policies, regulatory requirements and IT infrastructures that impact what makes the right solution for mobile device security. To meet these needs, Imation offers the industry’s strongest portfolio of secure mobility solutions, with the largest global reach. Customers working with Imation can choose the right levels of encryption, encryption key management and strong authentication to safeguard the data on devices.

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