ISO 27001 and BS 25999-2: Why is it better to implement them together?

Lots of companies implementing ISO 27001 struggle how to implement the requirements from Annex A.14 – Business continuity management. The problem is that ISO 27001 does require such a control, but it doesn’t provide details about how to do it.

This is where BS 25999-2 fits in – it describes all the steps for business continuity, from writing the BCM policy to performing the business impact analysis, defining the strategy, writing the plans etc. Therefore, when it comes to implementing your BCM within the ISO 27001 project, the easiest thing to do is to use BS 25999-2.

BS 25999-2 is becoming the leading standard for BCM worldwide not only because it has the same management structure and is compatible with ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and other management standards, but also because it provides a very clear and logical path on how to implement and operate business continuity in your organization.

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  • Why is BS 25999-2 useful for ISO 27001?
  • Similarities and differences between ISO 27001 and BS 25999-2
  • Implementation issues – implement them in parallel or separately?
  • Roles – to what extent can you use the same personnel
  • Top management issues – what must top management take into account.

This interactive live online training is designed to enable you to walk away with important skills for being able to use BS 25999-2 for implementing business continuity within the ISO 27001 project.

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