Facebook scams racing against the clock

Facebook scammers have lately initiated a number of scams that use an unusual approach to make users “like” 70+ Facebook pages without even knowing what they are.

The lures used are diverse. One scam promises to reveal “fake” Facebook friends – I suppose they meant fake profiles of friends? – but in order to do so the user must race against the clock and press 77 “like” buttons under 60 seconds:

“When all of this is done, nothing (good) happens,” points out BitDefender. “You won’t know who your true friends are, but you’ll know everything the owners of the pages you’ve just blindly liked want to tell you. That’s 77 subscriptions to as many fountains of eternal spam at best.”

The other lure is even more pointless, as it offers to tell you “How fast can you click?”. But, obviously, there are those who are interested in this metric, as over 9,500 users have liked the page.

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