A platform to stop APTs and malware

Bit9 announced the Bit9 Advanced Threat Protection Platform that protects all enterprise endpoints, servers and private clouds from cyber-attacks that bypass older antivirus and behavioral security solutions. The platform stops advanced persistent threats as well as dangerous malware and protects enterprises against intellectual property theft.

There are four components to Bit9’s Advanced Threat Protection Platform that work in unison to help put organizations into a proactive security posture: Trust, Detect, Protect and Measure.

Trust: Establishing the trust of software running in an enterprise reduces risk and protects enterprises from advanced threats. By understanding and enforcing only trusted software, organizations also are able to improve operational efficiency and lower costs by reducing helpdesk costs and no longer having to reimage machines.

Detect: The second component of the platform is the quick detection of high-risk files and users. Enterprises must understand, in real-time, everything that is arriving inside of their systems, and gain visibility into all critical system resources. Bit9’s real-time sensor provides enterprises with the visibility needed for compliance and to provide a complete audit trail of everything that has happened across the system.

Protect: The third component of the platform is to protect core intellectual property by ensuring the security of an enterprises’ assets. A policy enforcement engine provides trust-based application control and whitelisting to enforce user and context-based policies dynamically. Rather than having a single policy for everybody, Bit9 allows enterprises to configure policies for different user communities and server environments. The power of this protection is that with Bit9, enterprises are able to protect all of their intellectual property and assets from advanced threats, including servers, virtual machines, desktops, laptops and fixed function devices.

Measure: Lastly, enterprises must consistently and continuously create real-time, actionable intelligence on their endpoints so they can measure what is happening in their systems. Bit9’s platform provides automated reporting that can be used for monitoring compliance and audits, allowing administrators to be alerted of any unexpected activity or event. Bit9 also analyzes the data so enterprises can improve their security posture as needed.

“The largest unsanctioned transfer of intellectual property in history is occurring right now,” said Patrick Morley, President and CEO of Bit9. “As companies increasingly rely on their IP to give themselves a competitive advantage in the global marketplace, nation states, hacktivists and cybercriminal groups are making trade secrets and other proprietary information a prime target.”

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