Desktop isolation technology for secure browsing

OPSWAT announced the launch of Secure Virtual Desktop (SVD), a new desktop isolation solution that protects users and organizations from data loss by creating an isolated environment for accessing the web and working with sensitive data.

All traces of activities performed within the secure session, such as downloads, file revisions, cookies and browser history, are completely erased when the session ends, enabling data leak prevention even on public computers, hotel business centers and shared laptops.

Each SVD session is an isolated clone of the machine’s applications and files that allows users to securely access and edit saved files, create new files, and access web applications. This way, users can rest assured that no evidence of their work will be left on the machine when they exit the secure session.

Proxies can be configured to ensure that activities aren’t tracked by outside entities, and can also enable organizations to require that data stored in SaaS solutions is accessed through an authorized SVD session. SVD supports third-party encryption libraries, allowing organizations to further enhance the security of the session data.

To protect against malware within the session, administrators can whitelist processes that are permitted to run, so malicious processes (as well as unwanted applications) are blocked from launching. For additional protection, SVD can be paired with OPSWAT’s MetaDefender for Secure Access technology to perform a quick memory scan prior to launch of the session. It checks for running viruses, keyloggers and other threats that might compromise the security of the SVD session.

“We are really excited about the launch of Secure Virtual Desktop,” said Benny Czarny, CEO of OPSWAT. “With this technology, companies can protect their sensitive and confidential data accessed through SaaS solutions like Salesforce, and SVD’s proxy configuration allows users to privately browse the web without anyone, even Google, storing information about them.”

Licensing of Secure Virtual Desktop is currently offered exclusively for large deployments, such as to technology companies that are seeking to add security, privacy and data leak prevention to their solutions.

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