Protection for data in the cloud

Fasoo announced three security solutions that enable protection for data in the cloud.

The Fasoo Usage Tracer (FUT) enables information governance by allowing organizations to overcome the limitations of security silos, often a consequence of cloud-driven infrastructure fragmentation. It maintains detailed activity logs for all protected documents throughout their entire lifecycle and can trace activities by a specific user or document.

In 2011, 30 million records were breached and since 2005, a staggering 540 million records have been compromised, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. With FUT, organizations can avoid becoming another statistic by monitoring the usage patterns of their protected documents with easy-to-read dashboards and graphics. Armed with this information, organizations can detect, analyze and proactively act before a breach even occurs. Plus, the real-time alert system sends emails, texts or blinking screen indicators when monitoring rules are violated, providing instant warnings to suspicious behavior.

Secure Wrap for Dropbox is designed specifically for Dropbox and protects digital content uploaded onto the popular cloud collaboration system with E-DRM functionality. This enables organizations to provide persistent data protection in the cloud, securely sync and share files on PCs and mobile devices.

Dropbox has made significant inroads into the enterprise and is frequently used to share and collaborate on files. Yet, files uploaded to shared folders can become vulnerable to data leaks and unauthorized access. Secure Wrap for Dropbox enforces security policies on shared files in Dropbox folders by encrypting and controlling the access rights to the files while they are uploaded to the folders. The files also remain persistently secure, even after they are downloaded from shared folders. All files can also be traced to control and monitor their usage and access.

Mail CAP, a security solution that combines DLP with DRM, enables organizations to completely stop information leaks through email. While email continues to be the predominant business collaboration tool, it is also responsible for numerous data breaches that, in many instances, are extremely damaging to organizations.

Mail CAP scans and analyzes outbound emails thoroughly and automatically takes actions, such as holding, blocking, approving and encrypting emails, based on predefined rules.

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