Free cloud security for unlimited number of servers

Dome9 Security announced Dome9 Lite Cloud, a free cloud security service that provides centralized firewall management for an unlimited number of servers and clouds in virtual private, cloud, collocated, and hosted environments.

Dome9 Lite Cloud offers GUI-based firewall management for an unlimited number of Windows and Linux servers and clouds. The service makes it simple to scale security to any sized infrastructure and ensure cloud server firewalls are not misconfigured or left unmanaged and exposed to brute force attacks and exploit vulnerabilities.

It includes features such as activity logging and auditing, support for multiple administrators, and Dome9 Security Groups; and is fully expandable to Dome9’s Business Cloud service, which offers many expanded capabilities.

Since Dome9 is an on-demand security management service, signup and setup take less than five minutes and do not require a credit card.

New customers of Dome9’s free Lite Cloud service receive the enhanced features of Dome9’s Business Cloud service for 30 days, including Dome9’s patent-pending Secure Access Lease technology providing 1-click, time-based access to any server and cloud. Lite Cloud customers can seamlessly upgrade to Dome9’s Business Cloud with just a few clicks and for just 4 cents per hour per server.

Dome9 closes a critical gap in today’s cloud computing server security – ports such as SSH, RDP, and MYSQL left open so administrators can connect to and manage their cloud servers. This common practice leaves servers vulnerable to hackers who need only guess the correct username and password or exploit any protocol vulnerability to gain unauthorized control of a server.

Dome9 secures all administrative ports – for all servers and clouds – enabling secure access, on-demand. Its key innovation is the ability to provide secure access leasing – dynamically generated, time-based secure access to cloud servers – which enables customers to close all server administrative ports by default.

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