Trustwave acquires M86 Security

Trustwave has signed a definitive agreement to acquire M86 Security. The acquisition is expected to close within the next few weeks, and financial terms were not disclosed.

“By acquiring M86 Security, Trustwave is adding Web security to one of the industry’s most comprehensive security product portfolios – including our compliance, application, network and data security solutions,” Robert J. McCullen, Chairman, CEO and President, Trustwave.

With the acquisition, Trustwave aims to protect its customers from the more than 90 percent of all malware that is delivered through the Web. Even “good” websites, including social networks and news sites, can serve up malware designed to compromise users’ computers and steal data: a staggering 80-85 percent of all infected websites are legitimate ones.

Additionally, the majority of email threats now come from links to malicious websites rather than through attachments. Combating these threats requires the right products, anti-malware technology and threat intelligence – all areas that will be augmented by Trustwave’s acquisition of M86 Security.

With the acquisition of M86 Security, Trustwave is gaining:

Web and email security products – Trustwave gains M86 Secure Web Gateway, M86 WebMarshal and M86 Web Filtering and Reporting Suite products. Trustwave also enhances its position in email security with the addition of M86 MailMarshal.

Malware detection technology – Trustwave also gains anti-malware technologies, including a new cloud-based technology that M86 Security is developing to protect organisations from targeted attacks in emails. Trustwave plans to add these technologies to its existing products, including its cloud-based TrustKeeper portal.

Broader threat intelligence and security research – M86 Security Labs will become part of Trustwave SpiderLabs, the security team within Trustwave focused on penetration testing, incident response, application security and security research.

New Managed Secure Web Gateway based on Trustwave Managed Security Services – Trustwave will add the M86 Secure Web Gateway to the broad portfolio of Trustwave Managed Security Services. The company also plans to integrate M86 Security products into Trustwave’s cloud-based TrustKeeper portal.

Customers and channel partners – Trustwave gains M86 Security’s more than 25,000 customers with 26 million users in more than 96 countries. M86 Security’s strong channel and service provider partners also complement Trustwave’s existing robust partner network, and Trustwave plans to adopt and expand M86 Security’s award-winning partner program, Partner Focus. The acquisition also bolsters Trustwave’s international presence particularly in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

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